Why use Legal DNA Testing

At legal DNA Testing, we are committed to making sure your DNA paternity test goes as smoothly as possible.  We run every sample through an AABB accredited lab near you. Legal DNA Testing clients receive the highest level of accuracy in testing that is available on the market currently. Each step performed by a biotechnology specialist and by one of our advanced AABB labs. Samples are carefully recorded and performed in parallel using the two independent samples. At the end of the DNA test, one of our PhDs or MDs compares the results to verify that they match.  This methodical process helps to rule out false results within the testing process.

We at Legal DNA Testing understand that with the need for a paternity test, often a good deal of stress will come along with it. An unplanned pregnancy where the mother is unsure of who the father is, can greatly add to that already mounting stress. Who will pay the doctor bills? Who is going to help me raise this child if it turns out not to be my boyfriend or husband? At Legal DNA Testing we have found that knowing much sooner than later, can only ease the situation. By knowing for sure who the father is, you can begin to sure up not only who is going to help you raise this child, but to start to plan financially. Often in these situations, especially in our current economy, new mothers and fathers are not prepared for the sudden change in financial requirements that come along with a new child.

There is now more than one affordable way to get a paternity test, whether you need it for legal purposes, (child support, name change, custody, etc.) or just for you own peace of mind, Legal DNA Testing is the right choice for availability, affordability and accuracy.  We can often get you into a lab the very same day and will have prompt results within 5 business days. If you do choose to go to the lab, it is typically about twenty to thirty minutes and you’re finished. The results will then be emailed, faxed, or sent through the post office and will be guaranteed usable in court. For any use other than for legal purposes, some find the home kit a more reasonable financial option. Even though Legal DNA Testing does offer a low price guarantee, the home test will provide the exact same test used for legal testing, but you are able to avoid paying the lab fees and it is certainly something that anyone can do at home. The process is non-invasive, (no blood draw) only requiring a simple cheek swab for the collection of DNA.

Legal DNA Testing offers the most up to date testing available today with the customer service that can keep this quick, confidential, inexpensive and stress free. When a paternity test is needed because the possibility of more than one father arises, Legal DNA Testing can take all the hassle and worry out of the equation.

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