Paternity Questions Don’t Know Race or Status!

If you watch TV these days and happen to click to a paternity focused show like The Maury Povich Show.  You might notice the majority of the participants are poor, urban and uneducated.

Regardless of the impression this gives on masses of people, it shouldn’t be taken as an accurate picture of the real people who have paternity questions each and every day.

From historic figures like Thomas Jefferson and Marie Antoinette to high profile celebrities and politicians, there have always been the same paternity questions as the poor and nameless.

You might be surprised but some of the ultra elite classes have some very interesting rumors swirling concerning the paternity of their children. Check out these side-by-side pictures and let us know in the comments.


The best unkept secret in Little Rock, Arkansas, Former Mayor Webster Hubbell and Chelsea Clinton

(114,000 results on google and dozens of articles) Is this her biological father?

The royals might have some new blood after generations of family marriage,

but could you blame Diane?(14,900,000 results in Google)



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