Paternity Fraud is Rampant

Since the beginning of time, women have been lying to men and telling them that a child she were carrying was his, when in fact it was another man’s child. This is done for many reasons, but the most common is that a woman does not have the means to raise a child by herself, so often the sexual partner with the most money is often the one duped into believing the child is his.

Legal DNA Testing has come across this over and over unfortunately. If you start paying for a child that you assume is yours, only to find out 3, or 4, or 5 years later that the child is not yours. You could find yourself is a very onesided fight to correct this mistake. The problem is that in most states in the U.S. there are laws protecting children from having the financial support ripped out suddenly from under them. What that means for these men out there who have been tricked into thinking this is their child is, they are now stuck supporting a child financially until the age of 18 or until the child completes college.

Recently Legal DNA Testing came across a case of a young marine who while on leave met a young woman who was fairly promiscuous, but told him she was waiting to have sex until she was married. That turned out to be 17 days later because she found out she was pregnant and either of the other men whom she was having sex with were not exactly prime parent material, financially or emotionally. This woman having no idea how she was going to pay for a pregnancy, much less an actual child. She told this young fella that this was his baby because of the steady pay and insurance he had through the military. He unsuspectingly rushed into a marriage.

Years later, when the marriage was appearing not to be working out, the woman tells her husband that this is not actually his child and that she had lied to him this entire time.  Unfortunately for him, the judge eventually ruled that because he had been supporting this child for the last 7 years, that he is now responsible for the child until he is legally an adult. So because this woman felt she didn’t want to take care of this child herself and the person who actually impregnated her was nowhere to be found, she moved on to the first stable person she could find.

This is not a new story for Legal DNA testing; in fact a large fraction of the cases we come across have a very similar story. A survey of published estimates of nonpaternity suggests that for men with high paternity confidence, nonpaternity rates are typically 1.7% (if we exclude studies of unknown methodology) to 3.3% (if we include such studies). These figures are substantially lower than the “typical” nonpaternity rate of 10% or higher cited by many researchers, often without substantiation…or the median worldwide nonpaternity rate of 9% reported by Baker and Bellis…

What does all this mean? In a population of 300,000,000 there would be 5,100,000 cases of paternity fraud on the low end of this spectrum. When interpreted this way instead of percentages, it gives you a very different picture.

The true tragedy is not just that the women trick these unsuspecting men into thinking they now have a child, but the damage it does to the alleged father and also the child.

It is said that is costs around $250.000 to raise a child to the age of 18. One thing we at Legal DNA testing have learned over and over, if you believe there is ANY doubt that this is your child, be sure to get a paternity test before you sign anything.

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