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A man who was about to get married..

Recently here at Legal DNA Testing, we received an interesting call. A 27 year old young gentleman named Tim, who was about to get married had some concerns that his soon to be wife was not being completely honest with him about her whereabouts from time to time and as any person might be, he was concerned that there was the possibility of infidelity going on. Tim had come across […]

Ten Misconceptions About Paternity Testing

10. “I have to wait until the baby is born to have a paternity test done.” The answer is NO. There are a couple of options available. One, you can have an amniocentesis  but they are quite dangerous and can cost upwards of three thousand dollars.  Legal DNA Testing only uses  the noninvasive  prenatal DNA test, using only the mothers blood and a blood draw from the father. Results will be […]

How does Legal DNA Testing Ancestry Testing work?

First, what is DNA? All living things including humans are made up of cells. Several different kinds of cells make up the human body, such as blood cells, skin cells, buccal cells (inside mouth), muscle cells, fat cells and many more. With the exception of red blood cells, most cells in the human body have a nucleus.  It doesn’t matter what kind of cells they are, the nucleus contains chromosomes. […]