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How Much Does a DNA Test Cost?

Do you need an affordable DNA paternity testing option? Whether you’re interested in legal testing, home kits, or a prenatal DNA test, it’s a good idea to look for companies that offer manageable rates. In general, DNA paternity testing options can be expensive, depending on where you look. For this reason, comparing prices and searching for dependable organizations that offer both accuracy and affordability will remove any unneeded hassle. Legal […]

Medical Marijuana Sparks New Debate

Medical Marijuana has brought about a new debate regarding its merits or lack thereof: whether or not a parent with a prescription for it is fit to keep his or her child. The issue was raised in a recent story by CNN regarding Aaron, a Napa, California father that was taken away in handcuffs in front of his girlfriend Shawnee and infant son after police searched his home and found […]

Get your divorce finalized!

There is one aspect of divorce that many men often overlook that can cause BIG headaches in their near future. Put yourself in this situation. You waited for some time through a rocky relationship to finally get your divorce going. It could be financial reasons. It could be lack of interest in the situation or just plain denial. Now let’s say your now soon to be ex-spouse has entered into […]