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DNA Paternity Testing

Common Reasons for Needing Paternity Testing It helps to establish paternity before a birth certificate is signed. It helps with receiving child support. It is needed when addressing child custody issues. It is needed when collecting insurance, disability and death benefits. What Types of Paternity Tests are Available? Lab Test What Does it Involve? Step 1. Make an appointment for an in-lab paternity test. Step 2. The child’s and alleged […]

DNA Testing While Pregnant: About the Process and Costs

In many cases, paternity testing is needed to legally place a father’s name on a child’s birth certificate. In comparison to legal and non-legal testing, prenatal testing is the most expensive form of determining paternity. Still, through a reliable DNA testing company you can complete the procedure for much less than you would pay through other methods. They’ll charge you a reasonable rate for the process, help find a location […]

What are the Advantages of Home DNA Testing Kits?

Do you need a home testing kit to determine paternity? If so, it’s important to aim for quality rather than simply cost-effectiveness. However, through a reliable DNA testing company, you can obtain an accurate testing kit for a reasonable rate. A DNA home kit is likely one of the most important tests you’ll ever purchase, so it’s important to be sure you’re using the highest quality materials. Typical Cost of […]