Information about DNA testing?

DNA testing doesn’t have to be an arduous and expensive task. Legal DNA Testing has come up with ways to get just about any DNA test done.

A simple paternity case can be done for a few reasons. Name change, custody, child support, or just for your own peace of mind. In any case Legal DNA Testing has over 3000 locations nationwide to service your local testing needs.

If the mother is still pregnant, a NON-invasive prenatal paternity test can be performed with no risk to the baby as soon as nine weeks and only requires a blood sample from the expecting mother and a simple cheek swab for the father and a short time later, the couple will have a definitive answer in order to make the necessary plans for raising the child.

The testing that Legal DNA performs is more than 400.000 times more accurate than an over the counter test you might get from a local drug store, guaranteeing you will only have to do and pay for the test one time.

If you have a concern about infidelity in your relationship and you think you have some evidence, Legal DNA Testing is capable of pulling DNA off of just about anything. We have successfully gotten DNA off of articles of clothing, napkins, water bottles, Q-tips and toothbrushes.

Getting a DNA test is as easy as calling Legal DNA Testing today to talk to one of our counselors to schedule your home or lab DNA test today.

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