How Much Does a DNA Test Cost?

Do you need an affordable DNA paternity testing option? Whether you’re interested in legal testing, home kits, or a prenatal DNA test, it’s a good idea to look for companies that offer manageable rates. In general, DNA paternity testing options can be expensive, depending on where you look. For this reason, comparing prices and searching for dependable organizations that offer both accuracy and affordability will remove any unneeded hassle.

Legal Tests
The most commonly chosen form of paternity testing is legal DNA testing. The results of a legal DNA test are admissible in court cases, including child support and child custody cases.  The sample collection process is simple, and involves using a buccal swab on the inner cheek to obtain DNA from a child and supposed father. Like other types of physical evidence, legal DNA testing samples follow a chain of custody, meaning they’re documented from collection to transfer to analysis. Prices can range up to $2,000; however, there are companies that offer rates that fall under $300.

Home Testing Kits
Another form of DNA testing is non-legal, or DNA home kits. These types of tests aren’t admissible in court, and are usually purchased to quietly determine paternity without any legal proceedings. Non-legal tests are fairly easy to find and purchase, but it’s important to aim for reliability. You can obtain test kits from qualified companies for under $250, which use 21 genetic markers to deliver results that are 99% accurate. Like legal DNA tests, once the samples are collected and sent to a lab, you can expect results in just a few business days.

Prenatal DNA Testing
The third type of DNA paternity test is prenatal testing, which is chosen when paternity needs to be determined for an unborn child. This type of test involves drawing blood from either the mother exclusively (taking buccal swabs from the alleged father) or both the mother and alleged father, depending on the situation. Typically, the price of prenatal DNA testing can be as high as $3,000. However, a company that offers a low price guarantee on non-invasive prenatal testing can complete collection and analysis for a rate about 2 ½ times less.

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