How and Why you should get an Immigration DNA Test?

In today’s times the world wide community is growing closer and closer. International climates are changing rapidly due to many reasons, often including financial hardship, religious or simple political beliefs.  Because of some of these reasons, it has become necessary for people to look outside their home communities and nations for life opportunities.  Many times a person is forced to leave family members behind in the search for a better life, both for personal and financial freedom. Legal DNA Testing can  help with your Immigration DNA Test.

The difficulty often comes when a family member is denied entry into a country where the relative or significant other already resides. Once a person has established legal residency, Legal DNA Testing can initiate and follow through with the entire process and they may then begin proceedings to start bringing over immediate family members such as wives, children, grandchildren, etc., so that they may live life together out from under the hardships that may accompany so many outside nations.

Genetic testing is a useful tool for verifying a stated biological relationship when no other form of acceptable or credible proof in conjunction with an immigrant visa application. Common relationship testing can be used for such legal purposes as immigration, that utilize DNA testing include paternity, maternity, full-siblingship, or half-siblingship.  Legal DNA Testing technology is the only non-documentary method accepted for proof of a biological relationship.

Legal DNA Testing can take all the guess work of how to go about getting a DNA test that will be guaranteed usable for immigration, or any other possible legal uses, (child support, custody, name change, etc.). Legal DNA Testing no longer uses painful and expensive blood, or hair follicle methods, as they too often produce an inconclusive result due to damage, or mishandling of the actual samples themselves.

For immigration, there are only a few steps required in the process to obtain accurate and legally usable results.  First, we need the names and dates of birth for all parties being tested. Second, the phone number for the out of country parties, so we can let them know when to go to the proper embassy for the cheek swab sample collection and chain of custody paperwork. Third, wait five business days once we have the samples on hand for results. Then just let us know where you want the results sent via fax, email, or regular U.S. mail. Once Legal DNA Testing has walked you through these few easy steps, the paperwork produced, will be 100% guaranteed usable for immigration proceedings.

In short, ten years ago it was a bit of a “nightmare”, to get a DNA test proving that your non-citizen relative is actually your relative allowing them to acquire a needed visa for entry into the United States, often costing around a thousand dollars and taking months to achieve the needed DNA goal. Now, Legal DNA Testing not only takes all the hassle out of getting tested properly and accurately, but makes it financially feasible for just about anyone to get a DNA test.

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