DNA Tests, Costs, & Locating DNA Testing Centers

DNA paternity tests are completed for a number of reasons, be it a court order, personal peace of mind, or to accurately fill out an AOP. DNA tests vary when it comes to rates and procedure. Therefore, it’s important to know what to expect both so you’re able to plan ahead accordingly. It’s also a good idea to become familiar with the legal requirements of certain types of tests, as well as your options if your situation involves special circumstances.

Requirements of Legal DNA Tests

There are different types of paternity tests available, one being legal DNA tests. However, there are some important requirements to consider before taking a legal test, which are outlined under New York law. To take a legal DNA test, you have to obtain either a court order or doctor’s prescription. DNA tests are ordered by courts when paternity needs to be proven to proceed with cases involving child support, custody, etc. You can easily obtain a prescription from your family doctor, allowing you to get tested at one of the DNA testing centers in your area.

Rely on an Affordable Company
The cost of a DNA paternity test depends on the type of test you’re interested in participating in. Quality home test kits can be purchased from a reputable company for under $250, and guarantee accuracy and reliability. The price of a legal DNA test can be as high as $2,000; however, DNA samples can be tested for around $300 if you search for a company that offers low price guarantees. Prenatal testing is often expensive, and can be as pricey as $3,000. However, cost-effective companies can collect and analyze results for around $1,250.

Is Distance an Issue?
Collecting DNA samples can be somewhat troublesome for parties who live in separate cities or states. Still, there are solutions to problems involving distance. Companies that work within a web of numerous testing facilities can simplify the process of collecting, analyzing, and distributing results. If an alleged father or an alleged father and child reside in another state and a paternity test is needed, the right company can help you schedule a DNA test at a testing center nearest to their location.

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