DNA Testing While Pregnant: About the Process and Costs

In many cases, paternity testing is needed to legally place a father’s name on a child’s birth certificate. In comparison to legal and non-legal testing, prenatal testing is the most expensive form of determining paternity. Still, through a reliable DNA testing company you can complete the procedure for much less than you would pay through other methods. They’ll charge you a reasonable rate for the process, help find a location and schedule your appointments, and ensure your samples are evaluated by trained professionals.

What is Prenatal Testing?

Prenatal testing differs from legal and non-legal testing in the sense that DNA samples are collected while a mother is still pregnant. Unmarried couples and mothers who haven’t been married in the last 300 days opt for prenatal because without an Acknowledgement of Paternity form (AOP), a father can’t legally be placed on a child’s birth certificate. This rings true in a majority of states, New York included. Professionals at testing centers handle DNA sample collections during prenatal testing, which are then sent to and analyzed at a lab for results.

Sample Collections

Legal paternity testing and non-legal paternity testing are intended for individuals looking to determine the parentage of a child after they’ve been born. Typically, these tests involve collecting DNA via buccal swabs from a child and their alleged father. If you’re in need of DNA testing while pregnant, then you’ll have to contribute a sample, as well as the father. A trustworthy company can help set up a testing appointment based around your preferences, and ensure the collected samples are sent to a certified lab for analysis.

Options for Reasonable Prices

DNA testing while pregnant can be pricey. It’s not uncommon for the cost of a prenatal DNA test to reach up to $3,000. However, through a trusted company, you can complete a prenatal test and obtain results for around $1,250 at the most. Additionally, a DNA testing company can even help you arrange appointments at local testing centers, making it easier to simply schedule an appointment and go. Even if the alleged father lives in another city or state, the right organization can help you find DNA testing centers near both of your locations.

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