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Why get an Ancestry DNA Test?

Very recently, DNA testing has become not only affordable, but easily accessible over the phone.  We now have the option to see if and how much American Indian heritage we have by doing a simple Ancestry DNA test. Testing and thoroughly studying Native American DNA in order to trace genetics is useful for quite a few reasons  and all you need is an address to send the at home testing […]

Why Paternity Testing should be done Legal the first time!

There are many reasons why someone would want or need to get Paternity Testing.  There are times where you have to get one for legal purposes and other times you may just want to know for curiosity reasons.  For women, getting a legally binding DNA paternity test is especially important for a couple of reasons. First, when one starts looking into Paternity testing, they will find that they are not […]

Can I find out if my spouse is cheating with DNA?

There’s only one thing worse than finding out that your partner’s cheating: suspecting that your partner’s cheating. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as just asking your partner for the truth. One of the most common ways for unfaithful partners to deflect accusations of cheating is to dismiss their partners’ concerns as paranoia. Some even turn the tables and accuse their partners of pondering infidelity. If you can’t catch your […]