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How and Why you should get an Immigration DNA Test?

In today’s times the world wide community is growing closer and closer. International climates are changing rapidly due to many reasons, often including financial hardship, religious or simple political beliefs.  Because of some of these reasons, it has become necessary for people to look outside their home communities and nations for life opportunities.  Many times a person is forced to leave family members behind in the search for a better […]

Why use Legal DNA Testing

At legal DNA Testing, we are committed to making sure your DNA paternity test goes as smoothly as possible.  We run every sample through an AABB accredited lab near you. Legal DNA Testing clients receive the highest level of accuracy in testing that is available on the market currently. Each step performed by a biotechnology specialist and by one of our advanced AABB labs. Samples are carefully recorded and performed […]


Different ethnic groups tend to suffer from different types of hereditary diseases, with some being more common, and some less common than others. Hereditary diseases such as hemophilia (1 in 12), tay-sachs (1 in 25), bloom syndrome (1 in 100), canavan (1 in 60), congenial deafness (1 in 25), cystic fibrosis (1 in 25), gaucher disease (1 in 7), and Parkinson’s (1 in 42) to name a few, were recognized […]