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Paternity Questions Don’t Know Race or Status!

If you watch TV these days and happen to click to a paternity focused show like The Maury Povich Show.  You might notice the majority of the participants are poor, urban and uneducated. Regardless of the impression this gives on masses of people, it shouldn’t be taken as an accurate picture of the real people who have paternity questions each and every day. From historic figures like Thomas Jefferson and […]

You can never be too sure without DNA testing!

Typically, paternity testing is a simple process with no surprises. This doesn’t happen to be the way things went for a man in Passaic County. The man was ordered to do a test for paternity after a woman claimed he was the father of her twin children. When the DNA results came back in November they were all in for quite a shock. Expert testimony showed the court that a […]

DNA Paternity Testing

Common Reasons for Needing Paternity Testing It helps to establish paternity before a birth certificate is signed. It helps with receiving child support. It is needed when addressing child custody issues. It is needed when collecting insurance, disability and death benefits. What Types of Paternity Tests are Available? Lab Test What Does it Involve? Step 1. Make an appointment for an in-lab paternity test. Step 2. The child’s and alleged […]