Better Product….Same Cost!!!

There is good news for our customers. We have once again improved our amazing services at no cost to you. Now offering a 22 genetic marker comparison for ALL of our mail home kits. Many other company’s laboratory tests aren’t even close to this level of accuracy. This means  MUCH more accurate results yet the tests are done in the same amount of time as previous tests were performed. It is a 500% increase in accuracy versus the industry standard, all with no increase in testing prices. This furthers our mission to our clients, to give you the most affordable, most accurate DNA testing for Paternity, sibling-ship, immigration and all of our other genetic testing services. Getting set up is easy. Simply call one of our experienced counselors and they will schedule the shipment of your DNA testing kit today. It will be shipped immediately to the address of your choice. Follow the simple instructions that come in the kit for the non invasive swab procedure, then drop it in the ups box. They are pre addressed for minimum effort in getting it immediately back to us. Once we have the samples, accurate results are just two business days away.


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