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Your Legal Paternity Test – What You Need to Know

The difference between a non-legal and legal paternity test is the document’s admissibility in court. The DNA specimen for the paternity test must pass through a Chain of Custody in order to be considered official. Chain of Custody, or CoC, is the foundation of the sample’s validity in court, and proving it is evidence that can help you get child support, custody, etc. The lab conducting the test must be […]

What You Need to Know About a Home Paternity Test

Even though the results of a home paternity test are not admissible in court, it still has a great deal of value. A home paternity test is as accurate as a legal paternity test because the same methods are used. This article will discuss how to collect a sample, the accuracy of the test results, and other uses for home tests. How to Properly Collect a DNA Sample You can […]

DNA Paternity Testing

Common Reasons for Needing Paternity Testing It helps to establish paternity before a birth certificate is signed. It helps with receiving child support. It is needed when addressing child custody issues. It is needed when collecting insurance, disability and death benefits. What Types of Paternity Tests are Available? Lab Test What Does it Involve? Step 1. Make an appointment for an in-lab paternity test. Step 2. The child’s and alleged […]