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You can fail a drug test from having sex with the wrong person.

Recently Legal DNA Testing came across a man in real distress. He had just had his children taken away because a drug test he is required to take monthly came back positive for methamphetamine and THC (marijuana). Now this man has had some addiction issues in the past, so it was no surprise to his babies mother, or even his own family that he had failed, even though it had […]

You can get Paternity Testing even if the father is deceased.

Unfortunately, in the DNA testing community we do come across a few clients who need a test, but do not have access to the father because they have passed away. If this is the case, it is not as difficult as it sounds. There are two ways this can be done. One way is to do a genetic reconstruction test. This test is a bit more costly because you are […]

A man who was about to get married..

Recently here at Legal DNA Testing, we received an interesting call. A 27 year old young gentleman named Tim, who was about to get married had some concerns that his soon to be wife was not being completely honest with him about her whereabouts from time to time and as any person might be, he was concerned that there was the possibility of infidelity going on. Tim had come across […]