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Paternity Fraud is Rampant

Since the beginning of time, women have been lying to men and telling them that a child she were carrying was his, when in fact it was another man’s child. This is done for many reasons, but the most common is that a woman does not have the means to raise a child by herself, so often the sexual partner with the most money is often the one duped into […]

Information about DNA testing?

DNA testing doesn’t have to be an arduous and expensive task. Legal DNA Testing has come up with ways to get just about any DNA test done. A simple paternity case can be done for a few reasons. Name change, custody, child support, or just for your own peace of mind. In any case Legal DNA Testing has over 3000 locations nationwide to service your local testing needs. If the […]

Most Common DNA Questions

Is my DNA test confidential? Legal DNA offers different types of tests depending on your needs. Both tests come with a guarantee of confidentiality. The only difference for legal and a NON-legal home test is the legal DNA paternity test needed to be conducted by one of our trained professionals to keep the chain of custody. Some clients just need the information for their own personal use and may not […]