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Keep Voting, We Made It To The Next Round

Thank you to everyone that voted. We have made it to the 2nd round. Keep voting daily so we can win a SUPERBOWL commercial from @Intuit. Check us out & vote! #TeamSmallBiz

Help Us, Help You!!

Every once in awhile an opportunity comes across your desk that really gets the creative mind flowing with the possibilities of taking our budding business to new levels at sky rocket speed.Well Intuit has really done it this time. They are offering the opportunity of a Superbowl commercial to a small business who gets the most votes during their contest. Small businesses who build from their own savings such as […]

What types of Paternity Test are Available?

According to the American Association of Blood Banks, there were 354,011 reported parentage testing cases. That equals out to about 991,000 people being tested. With so many people taking paternity and other types of  DNA tests, it is important to understand what types of testing are available and how to go about getting one done properly. There are many different reasons people want to have a DNA test done.  Typically it […]