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You can never be too sure without DNA testing!

Typically, paternity testing is a simple process with no surprises. This doesn’t happen to be the way things went for a man in Passaic County. The man was ordered to do a test for paternity after a woman claimed he was the father of her twin children. When the DNA results came back in November they were all in for quite a shock. Expert testimony showed the court that a […]

Get your divorce finalized!

There is one aspect of divorce that many men often overlook that can cause BIG headaches in their near future. Put yourself in this situation. You waited for some time through a rocky relationship to finally get your divorce going. It could be financial reasons. It could be lack of interest in the situation or just plain denial. Now let’s say your now soon to be ex-spouse has entered into […]

Better Product….Same Cost!!!

There is good news for our customers. We have once again improved our amazing services at no cost to you. Now offering a 22 genetic marker comparison for ALL of our mail home kits. Many other company’s laboratory tests aren’t even close to this level of accuracy. This means  MUCH more accurate results yet the tests are done in the same amount of time as previous tests were performed. It […]