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In the news, fighting crime or abuse of rights?

Many municipalities across the nation have begun to adopt  policies concerning the collection of DNA samples from those arrested or convicted of crimes.Officials say DNA databases are to catch criminals that fly under the radar of state and national  tool but this raises many questions from civil liberty groups. Local collections are often unregulated, raising concerns about how local departments collect and might use the samples.Though said to be voluntary, […]

Can we now know every virus we’ve encountered?

Let’s face it, the human body is one amazing creation. From the unbelievable physical feats like Michael Jordan flying through the air to Bobby Fischer playing a dozen chess games at once. It often shows us there is nothing it can not do. One of it’s amazing abilities is it’s adaptation and defense from viruses. Through out your life you will be exposed to dozens, even hundreds of viruses trying […]

Paternity Questions Don’t Know Race or Status!

If you watch TV these days and happen to click to a paternity focused show like The Maury Povich Show.  You might notice the majority of the participants are poor, urban and uneducated. Regardless of the impression this gives on masses of people, it shouldn’t be taken as an accurate picture of the real people who have paternity questions each and every day. From historic figures like Thomas Jefferson and […]