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A Prenatal Paternity DNA Test is for those who need to know the biological relationship before the child is born. A prenatal paternity test is just like any DNA paternity test in the respect that is if finds out definitively, who the father is.


Most states have laws that require an unmarried couple to fill out an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) form at the hospital to legally establish who the father is. If the couple is unmarried and the mother has not been married in the last 300 days, then no father will be listed on the birth certificate until this legally binding form is filled out. The AOP is sent to the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics, is recorded, and the father listed becomes the legal father.

Why You Should Not Wait

Its your Family!

In the end, it is ALWAYS better for all parties involved to know the biological paternity for the child, both for the peace of mind and just as importantly for all the legal ramifications involved. To know before hand, is to be on the safe side of financial and emotional responsibility.

Establishing Paternity is important!

Knowing who one's biological parent, is important for many reasons. It allows access to legal and social benefits, including social security, military, and inheritance benefits. It provides an accurate medical history for the child, giving the healthcare provider additional insight during diagnosis and in managing the child's health.

Why not Protect your Child?

During the time that no father is listed as legal father, the baby's rights are not fully protected. Naming a legal father is vital in ensuring that the baby is eligible for child support, and benefits such as social security, military benefits, and health care.

Ensure Childs Financial Future!

If the father finds out several months, or years later the child is not his, there is almost no way to recoup the moneys paid out to support said child. On the other hand, if after years of not knowing you are the father, the mother can then go after retroactive child support.


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