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Do you have a relative in a different country wishing to immigrate to the US? There are some important things you should know when trying to get this process going.
The U.S. Citizen & Immigration Services Department generally requires evidence of a biological relationship. So, a U.S. citizen can petition for their parents, spouse, children or siblings to immigrate to the US. All fees must be paid by the individuals who are being tested; they are NOT paid for by the Embassy or immigration.


The person in the U.S. is the petitioner or the one who asks for the process to take place. We set an appointment for the petitioner at a location closest to their home. Usually the petitioner has a letter from the Embassy or is given a case number. They would need to bring the case number or letter along with a government issued photo ID when going in for testing.
Legal DNA Testing would then ship a DNA kit to the Embassy. The Embassy will get in contact with the individual in their country (which would be the beneficiary) and get them tested at an approved location. After collection the samples would be sent directly back to the US. Once all the samples and necessary paperwork has been received, results will be available in three to five business days.


Request for DNA Testing

DNA Testing is requested to to provide proof of Relation (Paternity, Maternity, Siblingship).

Collection of DNA in US.

Depending on your type of Immigration Testing, it can be requested by the following Departments; Department of State or Department of Homeland Security.

Collection of DNA in other Country

Having your family together can be very important time for people. Legal DNA Testing will help make the process as simple as possible.

Complete Testing

Prenatal DNA testing may be done for both legal and non legal purposes. The mother must be at least 9 weeks into her pregnancy to be able to detect the fetal cell DNA present in the mother’s blood.


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