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Often times a home test is the best option. If no real necessity for the legal “chain of custody” test is required for things like child support, name change, custody, or social security exists, and this is more for just peace of mind, then a home test is an excellent option. It is important to stress that the home test is exactly the same test used for legal purposes. No chain of custody would exist, but you also would not have to pay the lab for something you can easily do yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Home DNA Kit Benefits


This is also an easy option for those parents of children that are older, who don’t necessarily want the child to know that the test is being performed. Legal DNA testing can help you do this without them ever being the wiser. Simply take a buccal swab (a sterile cotton swab of the inside of the cheek) of the alleged father and we have found that a toothbrush often serves as a way to get an inconspicuous sample from the other party.

Infidelity Home Tests

The same home DNA test can be and often is used for infidelity testing. This is a simple way to see if there is any foreign DNA any object or undergarment you may feel has been soiled. Send Legal DNA Testing the garment or object, against a comparison swab (such as a toothbrush or earwax on a cotton swab).

Home Kit Steps

Talk with Counselor!

Talk to a Legal DNA Testing counselor free of charge to find out if the test option is for you.

Confirm Address

Provide the counselor with the names and dates of birth of the parties involved and an address
to send the kit to.

Return Kit to Lab

After you have performed the DNA collections drop the kit in the mail in the prepaid envelope.

Call for Results

Call legal DNA Testing about a week after you drop the pre-paid and addressed package back
into the mail for your results.


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