Legal DNA Testing offers one of the most extensive genetic testing menus available today, including prenatal genetics.
Many genetic imbalances are associated with developmental delay, unexplained mental retardation, autism and congenital abnormalities. New tests are available to detect small changes in genetic makeup that were not visible before using traditional tests.


Legal DNAs chromosome SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) microarray test uses a gene chip of more than 1.8 million genetic variations, or “SNPs” to detect genetic changes that might be associated with a variety of genetic syndromes, abnormalities and predisposition to disease. This test can show chromosomal changes that might be present in newborns or children with developmental delay, autism, or congenital abnormalities. Early detection of chromosomal changes within a child’s genetic makeup allows for early intervention and earlier introduction of treatment when needed.
People with high risk for a Genetic Disease no longer have to wonder if it has been passed on to them. Genetics Testing can relieve some concern for certain Diseases.


Are you a carrier for a Genetic Disease?

Determining if you carrier of a genetic disease will help determine whether or not you may pass it your children.

Screen Newborn Infants

Genetics Testing can be preformed to determine if your newborn child carries any abnormal or missing protein that can cause a diesease.

Have you inherited Disposition to a disease?

Genetics Testing can help determine if there is any reason for concern based on your genetic screening


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