What if the alleged father and child reside in different cities/states?
This is not an problem whatsoever. Being a nationwide company we have access to more than 4,500 testing facilities, which will allow us to get all tested parties set up at a facility closest to their residence. Mobile collections and mail in kits are also available.
How are samples taken?
Our process is painless! It’s done by rubbing a buccal swab on the inner part of the cheek. It’s the most preferred and recommended collection procedure. For prenatal purposes, blood must be drawn from both parties.
Does your company offer Prenatal DNA Testing?
Yes! Paternity can be established before the baby is born using a prenatal paternity test. DDC's NEW prenatal paternity test now makes it possible to get accurate answers in a safer way than ever before. DDC offers a variety of testing options, with payment plans. Each situation is unique, and testing can be arranged to fit your specific needs. We encourage you to call one of our paternity experts for a brief, confidential consultation at 1-855-241-1859 or read more about our prenatal DNA tests
Are my DNA test results private?
Your test results are completely confidential. The only person that will receive the result is YOU. If you have specific instructions for resulting, we will be more than happy to do so.
What is the average wait time for DNA test results?
Once all the specimens have been received at the lab, results take an average of 3-5 business days. Rush results are available upon request.
There are two possible fathers, and they are related. Is this a problem?
If two possible fathers are related as full brothers or father and son, they may share many of the DNA markers used in paternity testing. This means that if proper precautions are not taken, both men could test positive as the child's biological father. DNA testing is strong enough to determine paternity in a case involving related alleged fathers, but the laboratory must be aware of the situation before the testing process begins.
I live in New York, what are the requirements?
If you choose to have a legal test, New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), says you must have either a court order or a doctor’s prescription. This can be done by simply contacting your primary care provider or your child’s pediatrician, and they will be more than happy to write you a prescription allowing you to get a DNA test. It is very important that all parties being tested are listed on the prescription.
Does the age of the child matter when being tested?
No. A DNA test can be performed on an individual at any age.
Are appointments necessary?
Yes. If you would like you test performed by a certified collector, an appointment is mandatory for our facilities. Call to speak with one of our DNA Specialists today. Depending on availability, we have the ability to get you tested on the same business day. For those who choose to test for personal reasons only, may choose to order one of our mail in kits for the same quality testing service.
How does the payment plan work?
Our easy to understand payment plan is simple. Upon scheduling testing, let your counselor know you would like a payment plan option. By setting up billing of debit or credit, you are allowed to put half of your total price down and then pay the remainder upon release of testing results. No additional fees required!
What type of payment are accepted?
Legal DNA Testing accepts ALL forms of credit and DEBIT cards (including pre-paid type cards) through our secure processing portal or by phone.
Are mail-home kits accurate?
Our mail home kits are held to the same high standards as laboratory DNA tests. They are double tested by our AABB acredited laboratories. The ONLY difference is who rubs the swab to retrieve the samples needed.